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WordPress MultiSite

by Juan Aos, 4 January, 2018

El multisite es una opción de wordpress que nos permite tener más de un sitio web dentro de la misma base de datos. Es de especial utilidad en varios casos, por ejemplo: Nuestro servidor de hosting solo nos permite una base de datos: Usando multisite podremos tener más de un sitio … Continue reading

WordPress Login

by Juan Aos, 25 October, 2017

Many users ask me about how to get the login page to enter WordPress Dashboard. At fist sight you don´t see the login button so you have to get there on your own by typing in the address bar the rout. In the address bar write: www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin where yourdomain is … Continue reading

Real Estates

by Juan Aos, 23 October, 2017

The real estate sector is again growing at a dizzying pace. Canarias is no less than the rest of Spain in real estate terms, in fact, it is more given the amount of tourism that there is in the Canaries and with money to invest or buy to stay for … Continue reading

Web Developer Tools

Web Developer Tools

by Juan Aos, 20 January, 2017

Very Useful Web Developer Tools to Improve your Website’s Performance, Validate your Code and Much More. How are you doing, people? Today´s issue is tools for web developers. Web development is a growing industry, with a projected 20% growth expected by 2022. Life as a web developer may offer many … Continue reading

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Editar el Email y Remitente por Defecto de WordPress

Editar el Email y Remitente por Defecto de WordPress

by Juan Aos, 25 May, 2016

When we use WordPress for more than just maintain a basic blog, it is normal that we have to register different users. Most WordPress based applications, which are increasingly not going to be an exception: Shops eCommerce, eLearning platforms, systems for managing appointments, etc. They all have in common that … Continue reading

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